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:: About Sea Turtles ::

::A bit about Sea Turtles

The turtles are one of the rare species found in the world. Their heritage could be traced to more than 100 million years. They are supposed to have lived during the Dinosaurs age. But at present about 8 varieties of turtles are said to be existing. But due to the destroying of these turtles, there is a threat of these species being eradicated from our planet.

The turtles get together in certain ares of the ocean annually to mate. After mating the female turtles come to the sea shore to lay their eggs. They are supposed to lay eggs after they attain the age of about 30 years. They are said to lay their eggs on the sea shore at night. It is said that these turtles prefer to lay their eggs on the same beach they were born. They are supposed to lay about 120 eggs at a time. Their eggs are white and they are similar to Ping-Pong balls. The eggs are kept damp by the female turtle by emitting a juice to cover the eggs. After laying eggs these turtles go back to the ocean. They keep no connection with the eggs or their new born kids. The eggs are hatched with the help of the warm sand (heated by the rays of the sun). After about 60 days the eggs start cracking and new born ones who are about 5cm long find their way to the ocean.

  ::Reasons for the demise of Turtles
A Turtle laying eggs
  Making use of turtle shells to make ornaments and curios.  
  Damage done by mechanized boats.  
  Consuming of Turtle eggs.  
  The sale and consuming of Turtle flesh.  
  Getting entangled in fishing nets and dying of suffocation.  
Pollution of the beach and sea by waste matter emitted by hotels and houses situated close to the sea. The sound and powerful lights of hotels along the beach is a hindrance to the turtles who come to the beach to lay eggs. Instead of going towards the sea they go towards bright lights, and that is their end.
Pollution of the sea by waste materials, such as polythene and other harmful matter which is consumed by the Turtles.
:: The ways how to safe guard the Sea Turtles?
  To educate people about the Sea Turtles and the value of saving them for the future generation.
  Beaches should be protected from artificial lights in ares where turtles are found.
  Coral reefs, sea weeds and feeding areas of turtles should be protected.
  The ways of fishing should be done without harming the turtles.
  Sea pollution should be minimized.
  Production of items with turtle shells should be stopped by the International organizations.
  People should refrain from eating turtle eggs and meat.
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