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"Silver Green",

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:: Help Our Project ::

:: Why we need your HELP?

It is the responsibility of every one to save the Sea Turtles for the next generation. As a small step we are maintaining this Turtle Farm to survive the Sea Turtles up to the maximum level.

For the maintenance and expanding the farm we have to spend our time and money, as this is a non profitable organization. For these we need your help to survive more number of Sea Turtles by expanding our farm. Also the farm was effected by the Tsunami disaster.

Therefore if you wish to send us a donation or any thing that will help our project we are welcoming you.
:: Our Bankers
Bank of Ceylon - (Koggala Branch)
Branch No. 0750
A/C Number: 1-00 90 58-7

A. Nalin Gayantha Abayadeera
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